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#4 Weirdest Christmas song: Santa Claus is kinda scary in a Roy Moore sort of way: Santa Claus Scares Me

I know the title is a cheap shot. Roy Moore has not been convicted of a crime. But there is enough evidence that he chased after 14,15,16,17 year old girls when he was in his early 30’s. Calling one of them when she was in Trig class, hitting on Wendy Miller when she was 14 and playing an elf at Gasden Mall. The accusations of Leigh Corfman and Beverly Young Nelson of groping and other forms of sexual misconduct are quite credible, even Mitch McConnell said so.

But back to the song. This song is written and sung by YouTube performer Tessa Netting. She acts as a cute kid with pony tails who is kind of creeped out by Santa Claus.

“Santa Claus Scares me. No I’m not lying. Why does he come into my house when I am asleep. That’s kind of creepy”

If you think about it, the thought of a man invading your house while you and your family are sleeping is kind of disturbing. It reminds me of what Colin Quinn said in anSNL sketch in which he played an ex-con Santa, talking to an irate parent “But, when you think about it, what does Santa do every year but commit a form of home invasion? A very loving and generous home invasion, yes.. but still home invasion.”

“Why does he watch me? Santa’s a stalker”

He knows when you are sleeping. He knows when your awake? I am surprised that most kids are not frightened out by this concept. I guess the idea of gifts might make it less creepy to Children. But if it was anyone else but Santa who watched little boys and girls when they were sleeping, you would call the police.

The letter Netting’s character writes to Santa is hilarious. And singing this while swinging her candy cane like a sword.

“He sees me when I’m sleeping. He knows when I’m awake. I better watch out. I’m going to cry. Don’t come in for goodness sake.”

With all the allegations of sexual misconduct of Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, the Olympic gymnastics doctor and yes Roy Moore. This song in a way makes Santa Claus creepier.

The song is pitch perfect. Tessa Netting is great as the little girl. Her facial expressions are hilarious. I would recommend listening to this song this Christmas.

But back to Roy Moore. He scares me even worse than Santa. He is a Bible thumping fundamentalist who wants Christian Sharia Law. Yet he himself possibly molested young teenagers. He may be innocent of the molestation charges. But he did go after them before he was married. He like many single fundamentalist view virtue as a prize. They want an innocent wife that they can mold and then control.

But yet Republicans will still support this man. Even if the allegations are true, they will support him because he is anti-abortion, anti-gay, and for a tax bill that would make the Old Testament prophets scream.

But he is just one man from an ultra conservative State. But I do worry. What if the Moores, the Pences, the rest of the dominionists who want to make America into this twisted Christian “utopia”, What If they get their way?

Now that should scare us.

It’s Mourning in America but Joy Comes in the Morning :Psalm 30

It has happened. We will have a president Trump. America decided to follow their itchy ears. The DNC gave us a fatally flawed candidate and because of the hate and fear that the election was swayed in Trump’s favor.

I am upset. I was in shock. It wasn’t until church today that I broke down crying while we were singing “In Christ Alone”.

Reagan in 1984 had the campaign slogan “It’s Morning in America.” But this morning I am in mourning. I am Mourning that hate has won the day. I am Mourning that hate crimes are up. I am Mourning that while I am wearing the Klan is rejoicing.

But most of all, I am in mourning because of the state of the Church. You have Franklin Graham saying that there was a “God factor”. No, Mr. Graham God had nothing to do with this election. You had your partisans revival tour trying to have it both ways. It was partisan. Franklin Graham and his ilk decided to make a deal with the devil. But I am worried that in their hypocritical pursuit to “save and protect Christianity in America” they destroyed it.

I still can’t help but think about this in apocalyptic terms. Everything that could go wrong that lead to his election is not mere coincidence? Could it be?

This sounds awful but part of me hopes that this is the kickoff to the end times. I am sick of the lying. I am sick of the hypocrisy. I am sick of the violence done in the name of the one and only true God.

I am sick. I am frightened. I am trying to convince myself that God is in control. But it is so difficult. I feel like Jeremiah when he said in Jeremiah  20 Cursed be the man who brought my father the news, who made him very glad, saying, “A child is born to you—a son!”

I am weeping. I am in mourning . But I read Psalm 30 and I find comfort in it. We may be weeping now. But Jesus will return and every tear will be wiped away. God has promised us when there’s is weeping in the night, joy come in the morning

I do have to give credit for the image I am using. I took it from a Family Research Counsel website. I find it a little ironic using a picture from a group that is the cause of much of my weeping.

Donald Trump an Antichrist? 2 John 6-8

In this blog I am not going to go into Revelation or into end times theology. Donald Trump could be the anti-Christ foretold in Revelation or the anti-Christ could be a man named Zapp Dax from the year 2876. I am not going to go Into that. I am a pre-millenialist that means that I do take Revelation literal and I do believe that there will be a man who epitomizes all that is wrong with humanity and will lead many in a final battle between good an evil.

Here is a joke for those who like Eschatology That is end times theology. I am a generation Xer, that means I am a pre-millennial. The generation that is being born right now is post-millennial. And if we see a person in his or her 20s they are a Millennial.

Anyway. I do believe that Donald Trump is an anti-Christ. Anti means either against or opposite.

2 John 6 And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in love.(notice that Trump walks in many things but he never walks in love)

7 I say this because many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist. 8 Watch out that you do not lose what we[a] have worked for, but that you may be rewarded fully.

They may believe in the Christ. But they don’t believe Jesus the Rabbi and the Christ who died for our sins are the same people. The religious right act like Jesus was born and then went to the last supper and was crucified and then rose again. They do not believe that Jesus walked the earth teaching us sinful humans how to be better people. He taught us to be what we were supposed to be before the fall. I believe that we can’t do that without the Holy Spirit guiding us.

But they never quote Jesus’ teachings. They quote the Old Testament, the epistles, and Revelation but they rarely use His words. He who taught us not to serve money. He who taught us to love our enemies. He who taught us that we must live by love,truth, and faith. They quote none of this. They deny Jesus daily in what they say and what they do.

And Jesus’ own words from John 14 23 Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. 24 Anyone who does not love me will not obey my teaching. These words you hear are not my own; they belong to the Father who sent me.

Logic dictates. If don’t follow His teachings. they don’t love Him. Therefore they do not love and serve Him but a false Christ. An anti-Christ. A Christ that wants you to hate your enemies. A Christ that wants you to favor the rich over the poor. A Christ that wants any Tom Dick and Harry to buy a semi-automatic.

This is not Christ. This is the opposite of Christ. This is anti-Christ. Is there any person on earth that is a better example of the Spirit of the anti-Christ than Donald J. Trump? Jesus is humble, Trump is proud. Jesus loves His enemies, Trump slanders them. Jesus told the rich young man to give up all of his belongings. Trump’s whole life has been about accumulating wealth.

Now will Trump win in November? Will he become a terrible dictator? Will he form an alliance with 9 other neo-fascist nations? Will he start a persecution that will be even worse than Hitler’s? Will he decide that He is God and demand that everyone worships him?

I don’t know. But I do know this. Even if he isn’t THE antichrist. He is a antichrist. And our nation, the world and my faith can not afford an antichrist as the leader of the free world.

Do Not Throw Your Pearls Before Trolls:Matthew 7:6

I have an addiction almost as invasive and almost as damaging as my struggles with porn. This addiction is political online debate.

On Facebook I follow Kevin Sorbo, Franklin Graham, and about a dozen other Christian sites. By and large most of them are nothing but attacking Hillary and praising Trump. I don’t have as much of a problem with the former but a I do with the latter.

So I go on those pages showing them the scriptures that I base my argument on. They are Matthew 5-7, Galatians 5, and 2 Timothy 3. There are many more but they are the most succinct. They don’t care. They don’t want to read my scripture and question what they are doing. It is like talking to a brick wall.

I do so hoping and praying that just one who sees my posts will leave this death cult of American Fasicst Christianity. But they don’t. They just attack and attack.

Another thing that really bothers me about the site other than the very unChristian posts is that when they talk about sin. It is sexuality all the time. Like we are supposed to be the sexual moral police. But they never talk about the oppression of the poor. They never talk about economic immorality. They don’t talk about the rampant gun violence, they don’t talk about creation care. All they talk about is homosexual this and transgender that.

One of the main reasons why I have come over on the pro gay marriage side is because those who are most against it. Those who take the Bible literally without historic context when it comes to sex abandon their literal interpretation. It is the hypocrisy that I can’t stand.

This is not healthy for me. Jesus knew that. It takes energy to evangelize the faith. It takes energy to do God’s Kingdom work. So don’t waste that enemy on people who will just trample on  everything you say like swine trample of the pearls in the parable.

So if I am giving up on talking to those who are lost but are filling their hole with hate, fear, and self righteuous judgement. I will contact my brethren. The mainstream churches. These are the churches that I believe can make a change. All we have to do is get off our buts and fight the power, the powers that be.

Sorry for going Public Enemy. But this anti-Christ spirit. This counterfeit  Christianity of fear, hate, pride, and lies has to be fought and has to be fought hard. By the real Christians fighting fear with faith, Hate with love, pride with humility, and lies with the Truth of God.

Many of the fundamentalists may be lost. But there are many seekers. Many atheists who view this anti-church as the true church. If we do this right, with God’s help we could lead thousands home.


Matthew 7:6
6 “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

Serving 2 Masters: Matthew 6:24

I have to say that I think I have violated the serving two masters thing. I love watching TV. I am hopelessly addicted to TV. Some might even say that it is my master. I watch re-runs of Star Trek Next Generation when I should be praying and studying scripture. I am accepting this project where I IMDB old tv shows to see stars before they were stars. Watching a young Kevin Sorbo play a computer geek on Murder She Wrote was a trip.

I know I watch too much television. I keep saying that I won’t add any more shows, but as a Sci-Fi nerd who loves Time Travel, I just have to check out Timeless. The Hindenberg scene looks awesome.

In that respect is one difference between me and many politicians and many CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, when I serve TV. Nobody dies other than the victims in the murder mysteries I watch. But when they serve money and monied interests many die.

The lesson that Jesus shows here is about money. But you can serve many other masters that ask you to do things that go against God other than money.

Let’s start with the money. The love of money is the root of all evil. People have done so many evil things for money, for example, watch re-runs of Law and Order. They lie, they steal, they kill.

When politicians or CEO’s serve money over God and their fellow men more than one person die, thousands suffer and perish. Those that die from not receiving access to good health care. Those that suffer and die from workplace accidents or food illness outbreaks because some CEO cut back safety measures and the politicians that allow them to exercise this.

It is all about the money. The only thing that trickle down economics has done has increased the CEO/worker pay rate of 30 times to over 300 times and the largest income gap since the gilded age .These are politicians who say that we area Christian nation that needs to go back to its roots and they have turned Reagan into a saint. The politician who got this ball rolling.

He’s trying to serve two masters. They love money, but according to Jesus’ own words John 14:21-25,They do not love him.

But like I said, you can have other masters than money. Many people have gun rights as their master. They fight measures that would save lives because they are afraid that they will need to oppose a tyrannical government. They do love their guns. Huckabee’s book is God,Guns, Guts, and Gravy.

But if gun reform measures would save just 10 people. It would all be worth it. To serve a tool that was made only to kill, a tool that can kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time is immoral. I would state that it is more than just serving the gun. It is turning the gun into an idol.

These politicians and preachers have shown that they don’t love Jesus because they are serving another master. I love Jesus. I know that I watch way too much TV. But I also recognize that when I clearly hear His voice asking me to do something. I get up, turn off the remote, and get back to work.

Now that this blog is done, I am getting to watch one of the best Star Trek episodes, Tapestry. You know the one where Picard is almost killed and wake’s up in “Heaven”. I agree with Picard “the afterlife cannot be so poorly designed.” Thankfully the Kingdom of God is awesomely designed.


Matthew 6
24 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

Eye for an Eye or Turn the Other Cheek Matthew 5:38-42 part one

Sometimes I think it would be easier if I was a Quaker or a Mennonite with the doctrine of pure pacifism. I would love to live in a world where conflict is resolved in meaningful dialogue. But we don’t live in a peaceful world.

I do adhere to Augustine’s just war theory that was further expanded by Thomas Aquinas. Two of the tenets of this theory is that war can never be just if it is waged out of selfish motives or an exercise in showing off military might. The other is that peace is the ultimate goal of war.

We haven’t had a just war since WW2. Heck, we haven’t had an actual war declared by congress since WW2. They had names like police action or peacekeeping mission or military operation. We have been fighting a “peacekeeping mission” for about 13 years. We are living in a state of perpetual war. This is very good for weapons manufacturers, military contractors, and factories that build tanks and bombers.

War should always be a last resort. Many politicians are hungry for a war with Iran. I don’t want a war. I want the fight against terrorism to be treated the best way as a criminal investigation. War has too much collateral damage. This collateral damage is great recruiting fodder for our enemies. Rhetoric full of hate is not Christian nor is it helpful.

Praising torture and threatening terrorists’ families is immoral. I didn’t like it when Jack Bauer did it and I really don’t like it when a major candidate for the presidency of the United States does it.

Sometimes I wonder if religious right politicians support this reckless foreign policy because they believe that it will lead to the last war. The war that will end in Meggido and will usher in the return of Christ.

In 2003 George W Bush was talking to President Jacques Chirac of France. He mentioned that he saw Gog and Magog when he looked at the Middle East. This lead the French president on a theological hunt to find out what Bush was talking about. He was mentioning an end time prophecy from Ezekiel 38.

Now I am an evangelical Christian and I long for Jesus to come back. I do believe that we may be living in the end times. But I don’t want to do something that will kill millions of people to bring it about. Jesus will come back on His own time. He doesn’t need help from us.

We are servants of the Prince of Peace. Yes he said in Matthew 10:34 that He came to bring a sword. That sword is the sword of truth. People don’t like their sin to be pointed out. They will fight back. They may call you names, they may imprison you,they may torture you, they may even kill you. But we do not return in kind.


Sexual hypocrisy in the GOP Matthew 5:27-31 part 2


First off there is no shortage of hypocrisy when it comes to sexual scandals when it comes to the Democrat Party. If Clarence Thomas was a democrat, they would have closed ranks. If Bill Clinton was a Republican, democrats would tear them apart. This is one of the things I hate most about politics. It is the hypocrisy

My blog is about the religious right and the danger they pose to our country and my faith.

Jimmy Carter got into some trouble by saying in a Playboy interview that he lusted in his heart. In my previous blog I talked about my struggles with lusting in the heart. But this blog is about adultery. Adultery is such a sin because it is not just sexually  immoral. It is a sin because it is a betrayal of a sacred trust. You are either betraying the person that you claim to love or you are betraying the spouse  of the person.

I am going to write about two different people with two different sexual scandals and two totally different affects they have had on those who had them.

In 2006, I was an agnostic. I was sick of the religious right and Ted Haggard was the poster child of the religious right. Haggard was minister of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. He disseminated hate toward homosexuals all the while he was having his own homosexual affair. He repented and his life started anew. He is the pastor of St. James Church in Colorado Springs and a cool blog that I just subscribed to.

He came out a new man. A man who is full of the Holy Spirit and love of the Gospel.”and in the church nobody has the right to judge another, because we’re all judged by God equally. The church is the ultimate place of encouragement and acceptance, and strength.” His ministry turned from hate and fear to love and hope. The things that God gives us in abundance and as ministers and pastors it is our duty to share and help lead people back to Christ.

Now another sex scandal that came out and helped justify my unbelief. In 2007 Senator David Vitter’s phone number was one in a Washington D.C Madam’s “black book”. He took responsibility for his transgression and asked for repentance. But it didn’t seem to humble Sen. Vitter. He kept on speaking against same sex marriage and how it threatens the “sanctity of Marriage”.

He didn’t value the “sanctity of marriage” while he visited prositiutes. Again it is not the act that I am judging it is the blatant hypocrisy that these people who talk about “Christian family values”.

Now I support same sex marriage and if you want to know why I have a YouTube video on the subject at the end of this blog. But there are hundreds of same sex couples who the idea of having sex with someone other than their parter is a anathema to them.

This comes down to Trump. I don’t know where Haggard stands on Trump. I know where Vitter does. He is a staunch Trump supporter. A man who has three wives. Who is unrepentant about his affairs.  There are accusations that Trump sexually harassed women, that he raped his then wife Ivana, and is accused of raping a 13 year old girl. Oddly enough that is a scandal that involves both Trump and Clintom

But I don’t want to think of the sexual scandals. They make me sick. I don’t know if they are true or false. I do know that Jerry Falwell Jr, Jim Dobson, David Vitter and the rest of the religious right that are supporting Trump would be attacking him if he ran as a democrat.

This hypocrisy justified by unbelief. I made the mistake of linking Jesus with people who claimed to serve Him. We need to speak out against hypocrisy. We need to show an unbelieving world that that does not represent Christ.


Matthew 5 27 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’[e] 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.


and Matthew 5 31 “It has been said, ‘Anyone who divorces his wife must give her a certificate of divorce.’[f] 32 But I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, makes her the victim of adultery, and anyone who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.



Of Porn and Politics Matthew 5:27-31 Part 1

I read Matthew 5:27-28  27 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman with lust  has already committed adultery with her in his heart.      and Matthew 5:31-32
31 “It has been said, ‘Anyone who divorces his wife must give her a certificate of divorce.’ 32 But I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, makes her the victim of adultery, and anyone who marries a divorced woman commits adultery

I was going to use these verses to attack Trump on his three wives, on his adulteries, and on his divorces. But I can’t. I can’t judge him on sexual morality. We all have our moral lapses and we can not judge someone for a sin that we are committing. So before I go into how Trump’s sexual history is as unChristian as you can get. And before I get into the hypocrisy of those Christians supporting Him. I have to come clean myself.

This will be kind of rambling but I write as I think. I have a problem with Porn. I am not alone. A Barna Group study found that almost two thirds of men watch porn at least once a month. One third of all Christian men view it daily. I am one of those men. This blog is about my history. How I got to where I am and my views of porn.

I guess it all started when I was in middle school and I found my dad’s porn stash of Playboys,Penthouses, and Hustlers. When I was a kid you had to be very sneaky to look at what now is very tame. Today kids the same age see all kinds of sex acts with just a click of a mouse.

I think the addiction got strong in High School. I was not a popular kid. Having a moderate mental illness, not athletic, or handsome the girls either ignored or mocked me. The girls in the magazines would not ignore me, they would not mock me. The fantasies made me feel more like a man. I think that is why Barely Legal style porn is so popular. That is the most popular style. I think that makes sense. You fantasize about the girl that got away or that you still have what it takes to land a girl like that.

But while in my fantasies I was a ladies man in real life I didn’t date. Porn actually made it harder for me to socialize with females. It is so much easier for someone with social anxiety to read a magazine or watch a video and put yourself in the man’s place than interacting with real live girls.

At one time, my OCD got involved and I bought one of every porn magazine that I could find. I threw away my collection once I became a Christian.

After I was born again in 2008. I threw all my porn away and deleted all the pictures and videos off my computer. I was good for a couple months. I didn’t even read erotic stories.  From September 2008 to June of 2009 I didn’t see a naked body. I don’t know what happened then but I slipped. It started just being still pictures and then videos.

My computer crashed once and I couldn’t restart it and I prayed and told God that  I wouldn’t look at any porn or read any erotica if he would restore my computer. My computer was restored but my vow lasted only a month.

This is the number one thing that gets between me and God. I wonder why he can’t fix me. The devilish voice in my ear says either “there is no God. If there was He would cure you” or “He has abandoned you. You are a reprobate who only thinks he is saved”.

I know the truth is that I am a child of God who is still a sinner that is saved by Grace.

I look at the videos I watch. And they are deeply sinful. With an addiction you have to watch stronger and stronger stuff. There are hundreds of tags on a site like Thumbzilla. These are just a few. Arrested 229 videos, blackmail 485,exploitedblackteens 47, gagging 946, and public disgrace 889 videos.  These are a far cry from the magazines in the box dad kept in his study.

This is one thing I don’t understand about Internet porn. All 2796 videos I listed above are free and easy to access. WHAT IS THEIR BUSINESS MODEL??? I’m sorry but do people pay for porn anymore? I wonder why they are in business. Probably advertisements for hookup sites and penis enhancement thingies. I haven’t had to pay for porn in years. There is something wrong here.

And again, I want to go back to 12 year old Max. 12 year old Max wasn’t able to buy porn magazines or VHSs, yes I am that old. Porn magazines were either behind the counter or wrapped in plastic so young Max wouldn’t be able to read them. There are laws that force retailers to do that. There are no such laws on the Internet.

I am not anti-sex. I am not anti erotica. I know that in this world that we can’t make porn illegal. Even if we could I wouldn’t because it would just push it further underground. But is it too much to ask that these sites make you pay for each video you see. Even if it is just a quarter. You would need to use a credit card to see the video. And if a kid borrowed his parents credit card there would be hell to pay when the bill comes due.

This is common sense. Sometimes I think that this is all a conspiracy to cheapen the way we value each other. That the big porn sites know what they are doing. They are doing what the Tobacco companies knew. “Get them while they are young”.

Anyway if I didn’t mention this while speaking up against the sexual immorality and the hypocrisy of Donald Trump and the religious right. I would be in the wrong.





The City on the Hill, Has Our Light Gone Out: Matthew 5:14-16

The City on a Hill. The Light of the World. How far have we fallen.

Now the religious right say that we are a Christian nation. I disagree. That is one of the points of my blog. Our nation is not Christian. It is far from it.

But I do believe that our founders did base this nation on Judeo-Christian values. Values like love, truth, and humility.

The founder of the Plymouth Colony John Winthrop quoted Matthew 5:14. He said that “we are a city on a hill and all the eyes of the world is upon us.”

The Puritans came to start a new land free of persecution and where they could create a land that would have the values that the old world lacked. No kings, no nobility, a purer life. Although it didn’t take long for sinful human tendencies to corrupt this new land. Our slaughter of the Native  Americans is still a stain on this land.

Abraham Lincoln fought against slavery based on his religious beliefs. A famous statement of his was “it doesn’t matter if God is on my side. What matters is that I am on His side.”

Christians are supposed to be beacons of light in a world of darkness. Christians are supposed to show the world another way and our way of love, truth, justice, and humility will bring people back to Christ.

Somewhere along the way a segment of American Christianity was twisted by politics. The doctrines that you believed became more important than the deeds you do in God’s name. Somewhere along the line, the image of the man who feeds the hungry, the family that brings a refugee family to stay with them, a woman who starts a campaign to free an innocent man from death row stopped being the image of Christianity.

What took it’s place in the nation’s consciousness are a politician  condemning gay marriage while having kinky sex with prostitutes, a pastor who has private jets and many cars and a palatial mansion while many of his flock are living paycheck to paycheck, and Christian leaders who are the inverse of Jesus and support a man who  if he had a D after his name they would condemn.

A Shining city on a hill is an inspiration to everyone who gazes upon it. The light that true Christians show in their love and their deeds of love is a warm glow that once you feel it. You don’t want it to go away.

These people have made American Christianity into the hot oppressive sun in a desert. The light that burns. The light that kills.

Thankfully there are many shining lights. The problem is that the desert Suns are much louder and better at publicity. That anthe true lights are usually so humble, they do their work in secret.

We must come out of the shadows and be the light. We must do our deeds in public. Not to make us look good but to show what Jesus can do. We must regain our prophetic voice and speak up against hypocrisy and injustice with a loud, firm, and loving voice.

I am going to end this with a segment of a speech that Ronald Reagan gave in 1980. I am not a fan. I think most of the problems of today started in the 1980s. But look at how different this is to what we hear from Trump

“These visitors to that city on the Potomac do not come as white or black, red or yellow; they are not Jews or Christians; conservatives or liberals; or Democrats or Republicans. They are Americans awed by what has gone before, proud of what for them is still…a shining city on a hill.”

MATTHEW 5:14-17

14 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.



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