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Wonder What Jesus Thinks About Christmas? :10 Best Christmas Song

I was going to write five blogs on the worst Christmas songs and five of what I think are the best. But there is so much negativity in the world today and I didn’t want to add to it. So I decided to write about my top ten Christmas songs.

Sure I could write about how the brat from “I’m Getting Nuttin’ For Christmas” deserves to get nothing and is symbolic of American youth. I could write about how “Santa Baby” is a song about a woman who is going to offer sexual favors to get what she wants from Santa. Don’t get me started on the Michael Buble “Santa Buddy” version. I could write about how Rudolph teaches a terrible story about only accepting people who are different if they could do something for you. If there was no nasty snow storm, those other reindeer would continue to treat him like Trump treats minorities.

I could also write about how a 1940’s flirtation song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is now the perfect song for today’s sexual molestation and harassment news. I could make a parody using Al Franken, Kevin Spacey, Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein or Donald Trump.

But I am not. Instead I am going to write about a lesser known folk Christmas song that asks the question, “Wonder What Jesus Thinks About Christmas?”

Every year round this time you get two groups of fundamentalists. Those saying that anyone who celebrates Christmas is a pagan worshipper and those saying that there is a war on Christmas and the secular left is attacking the faith.

First off, yes. The early church co-opted pagan festivals, the Solstice and Mithras celebration as recruiting tools. But I am not worshipping Mithras this season. I am celebrating the fact that God loves us so much that He became one like us as a lowly babe in the manger. Second I don’t think that Jesus cares if we put Christ back in Christmas. I think He cares more about us putting Christ back in American Christianity.

But this song written by Danny Tate does make some very good points, even if it is one of the most depressing Christmas songs ever made.

Some of the lyrics are:

People go in debt this time of year only to regret this time of year. The lonely feel much lonelier, no one to dry their tears. I wonder what Jesus thinks about Christmas?

I am single. I have never had a serious girlfriend. This time of year is tough. It is a time of family. I am blessed to still have my folks, but at 40, it would be nice to have little ones to buy presents for.

But we do make Christmas out to be this big production that more often than not falls flat. It becomes more about gifts, rushing, drinking, loneliness, parties. Christmas has become a commercial holiday. A holiday about consumerism. We consume vast amounts of food and get stomach aches. We buy massive presents and go into debt. We gorge on Christmas TV watching beautiful yet imperfect people learn lessons, some through supernatural means and some not. We listen to Christmas carols but we get numb to it all. I know sometimes I do.

After all the shiny toys have turned to rust. I wonder what Jesus thinks about Christmas?

I don’t think He would like all this hullabaloo. He was a very humble man. I think he would enjoy the sentiment. I think He would cry at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life. I think He would love the “Spirit of Christmas.”, the Spirit Of Love For mankind. This is the Spirit that can transform a miserable old skinflint like Scrooge into one of the best men in Jolly Old England. The Spirit that can make the Grinch’s heart grow three sizes in one day.

Many movies and TV shows talk about the Christmas spirit. But after Christmas there is a let down. With the true Christmas Spirit, there is no letdown. The true Christmas Spirit is the Holy Spirit. One of the greatest gifts that God has given us. Jesus called it the Comforter.

John 14 26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

I use the King James Version here because the New International Version uses the word “advocate” but I like Comforter better.

When you give yourself to Jesus, when you allow Him into your heart, He gives you comfort like you have never known.

In this wicked world–a world of greed, a world of hatred, a world that seems to be going insane with an insane leader at the helm–the Holy Spirit is a comfort. It lets me know that things are bad now but they will be OK.

So What would Jesus think about Christmas? I think He would say, “Enjoy the good things. Listen to your Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas CD, eat your cookies, watch Odie give Garfield that back scratcher and Garfield give Grandma those letters, but remember the Christmas season only lasts about 25 days. He is forever and He wants to spend forever with you.

I Wonder What Jesus Thinks About Christmas?

Also some people might consider this blasphemous or sacrilege but I wanted to have the picture for this blog be Jesus dancing the Charlie Brown Snoopy Dance. But I will do one better. This is a sketch that Saturday Night Live did about 20 years ago and it shows Jesus today. Some may consider this blasphemous but some truth can be found in a secular comedy show and I love this and I cried at the end of it just like Jesus and then I danced like Him too.

SNL Jesus today fun with audio

Peppermint Stick Man: Christmas Song or Horror Movie? Weirdest Christmas Song Ever.

I first heard this song a couple years ago when I got “The American Song Poem Christmas album.” I like unusual music and this is nothing but unusual. It has songs like “Santa Came On a Nuclear Missile.” Hopefully he won’t be coming this year on a missile from North Korea. With Kim Jung Un and Donald Trump trading twitter barbs like two mean girls with the capacity to destroy major cities you never know.

Other songs on this album are “Daddy Is Santa Really Six Foot Four?” “Santa Fix My Toys For Christmas”, and “Santa Goes Modern.” But the song that takes the cake, or peppermint stick is “The Peppermint Stick Man” by Randall Reed With the Forerunners. Words can not do it justice. You will have to play the link to get the full effect. But Wow. Wow when I first heard this I was creeped out.

Is this supposed to be some friendly creature giving out candy or is he Pennywise’s BFF? Or is there something even creepier, sexual even in these lyrics. The first minute is a jaunty melody you would find in a circus. The melody goes on way too long. The first lyric isn’t sung until 1:03.

Just these lyrics:

Children they all love this man

With his Stick he has a plan

Now he takes his steps so free

Fills their hearts with glee

Peppermints he gives away

With the children he will play

He will twirl his stick around

And by his tricks will be spellbound

I don’t want to know his plan. I don’t want to know what he does with his stick. But the scariest lyric is this:

He is tall, erect, and straight how they wait for him

I couldn’t come up with a more disturbing lyric if I tried. Is this an ode to Yuletide pedophilia? I hope not. But the lyrics. I googled Randall Reed and the Forerunners and all that comes up is this song. There is a Randal Reed who is an automotive CEO in Texas but I doubt that it is him.

This is going to haunt me. I have to find out more about this man and this song. I will find out who this man is and why he wrote this song and what happened to him. It will take my mind off of more scary things like nuclear war and the fact that we have a mentally unstable egomaniac in the White House.

Here it is watch it if you dare.

Tomorrow I will start my countdown on the worst Christmas songs.

#2 Weirdest Christmas song: that is one disturbed kid: Department Store Santa

I will not discuss politics or religion in this blog. This is just a Christmas song with a disturbing department store Santa and an even more disturbed little kid. To be perfectly honest, it’s not a song, it’s more of a skit but it isn’t any less disturbing for it.

This was written and performed by Len Maxwell, a voice over artist and comedian who also voiced Punchy, the Hawaiian Punch Guy. In this bit he does his best Peter Lorre. It is from his album “A Merry Monster Christmas.”

Imagining Peter Lorre in a Santa suit is disturbing enough. Part of his fame was playing a child killer in the classic German film “M.”

This kid doesn’t want a sled or a ball. He wants a new head for his daddy. You read that right A NEW HEAD. Without his head this boy’s father trips a lot. The boy finds this funny. This boy also wants an electric chair for his daddy. Not because he wants to electrocute his father but because his father likes grilled cheese sandwiches. But I wouldn’t trust this boy with an electric chair.

His family is ashamed of his brother so the kid asks Santa for a dark room to keep him in.

I mean he is thinking about other people than himself and that is good, but he wants a king cobra snake and a flute and he then starts attacking Santa when Santa says he can’t promise anything.

It ends with the omnimous words “Little boy, you’re next.” Just plain weird.

#3 Weirdest Christmas Song: I Broke My Arm Christmas Shopping At The Mall: Commercialism Run Amuck and a Dead Skunk

YouTube is a great place. You can have anyone who wants to make a song, make a song. One of my goals is to write parody songs about politics and religion. One of my ideas is a parody of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” to be called “Morally Bankrupt” and Meghan Trainer’s “It’s All About That Base”will become “It’s All ‘Bout Cheap Grace”. I want to write the songs and get a band that can perform them and make the videos look like the real videos as well.

But enough about my creative endeavors. These blogs are about Christmas songs. I would say that you can’t find a stranger Christmas song on the net than this one, but I have found two more that I write about in these blogs,

This song was written and performed by Housewives on Prozac. They are know for such hits as “iHate My Mom” and “Eat Your Damn Spaghetti.” Their Christmas song is about commercialism gone amuck.

The video goes by pretty fast which can be tough on the eyes but I recommend watching it. It is bizarre but hilarious.

Here are a few lyrics:

There was specials on that day. There was a in store toy display. With this year’s must have cartoon gimmick. And when I turned around another mother mowed me down. I held my head and said “they overdid it”

I have worked retail every Christmas season from 2006 to 2014. 2006- 2012 at Boston Store and 2013-2014 at Macy’s. This holiday has become less a celebration of Jesus Christ than a celebration of consumerism. Something that doesn’t go to well with Christianity, not withstanding what prosperity preachers might tell you.

Thankfully I never saw people fight over items but saw a few shoplifters and had my share of angry customers yelling at me.

At about half way through the video, it and the song go totally off the wall. All I will say is that it involves a dead skunk.

This video has everything a lead singer, the delightfully wacky Martha Joy Rose, decked out in red and white and blonde playing rock guitar; man in a beard in a Santa outfit ; a muppet type creature; a giant teddy bear ; an actual shoving match in a mall and the greatest amateur video you can find in the best sense of the word.

When did Christmas become so commercialized. When did it become about getting things and rushing. I am an evangelical Christian. Christmas to me is about the birth of a baby who was God made flesh. God who lived among us and taught us how to truly be human and died to help us become such.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy all the secular trappings of Christmas. I am a glutton for Christmas themed TV including all the various takes of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”

But I love all types of Christmas music and this song is just so strange and so weird that I can’t help but listen to it and watch the video every Christmas.

#4 Weirdest Christmas song: Santa Claus is kinda scary in a Roy Moore sort of way: Santa Claus Scares Me

I know the title is a cheap shot. Roy Moore has not been convicted of a crime. But there is enough evidence that he chased after 14,15,16,17 year old girls when he was in his early 30’s. Calling one of them when she was in Trig class, hitting on Wendy Miller when she was 14 and playing an elf at Gasden Mall. The accusations of Leigh Corfman and Beverly Young Nelson of groping and other forms of sexual misconduct are quite credible, even Mitch McConnell said so.

But back to the song. This song is written and sung by YouTube performer Tessa Netting. She acts as a cute kid with pony tails who is kind of creeped out by Santa Claus.

“Santa Claus Scares me. No I’m not lying. Why does he come into my house when I am asleep. That’s kind of creepy”

If you think about it, the thought of a man invading your house while you and your family are sleeping is kind of disturbing. It reminds me of what Colin Quinn said in anSNL sketch in which he played an ex-con Santa, talking to an irate parent “But, when you think about it, what does Santa do every year but commit a form of home invasion? A very loving and generous home invasion, yes.. but still home invasion.”

“Why does he watch me? Santa’s a stalker”

He knows when you are sleeping. He knows when your awake? I am surprised that most kids are not frightened out by this concept. I guess the idea of gifts might make it less creepy to Children. But if it was anyone else but Santa who watched little boys and girls when they were sleeping, you would call the police.

The letter Netting’s character writes to Santa is hilarious. And singing this while swinging her candy cane like a sword.

“He sees me when I’m sleeping. He knows when I’m awake. I better watch out. I’m going to cry. Don’t come in for goodness sake.”

With all the allegations of sexual misconduct of Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, the Olympic gymnastics doctor and yes Roy Moore. This song in a way makes Santa Claus creepier.

The song is pitch perfect. Tessa Netting is great as the little girl. Her facial expressions are hilarious. I would recommend listening to this song this Christmas.

But back to Roy Moore. He scares me even worse than Santa. He is a Bible thumping fundamentalist who wants Christian Sharia Law. Yet he himself possibly molested young teenagers. He may be innocent of the molestation charges. But he did go after them before he was married. He like many single fundamentalist view virtue as a prize. They want an innocent wife that they can mold and then control.

But yet Republicans will still support this man. Even if the allegations are true, they will support him because he is anti-abortion, anti-gay, and for a tax bill that would make the Old Testament prophets scream.

But he is just one man from an ultra conservative State. But I do worry. What if the Moores, the Pences, the rest of the dominionists who want to make America into this twisted Christian “utopia”, What If they get their way?

Now that should scare us.

Don’t spend a Christmas with a Dalek. He will EXTERMINATE them: #5 Weirdest Christmas song

I read that in order to be a successful blogger you have to write, write, and write some more. I have the creativity but lack the discipline. So this Advent I have decided to try to write a blog a day. And in this Christmas season I decided to have a little fun. I will share with the you the readers some of my favorite, least favorite, and strangest Christmas songs and carols and talk about what they mean to me and how they interact with today’s climate.

20 Days till Christmas I will break my blogs into 5. The 5 weirdest and most bizarre Christmas songs, the 5 songs that I hate the most, my 5 favorite Christmas songs, and my 5 favorite Christmas carols. The difference between songs and carols in my mind are that songs are more individualistic and singular and carols are more religious and have been passed on through the generations.

I will continue to write about Donald Trump, Franklin Graham and the religious right. But enough about xenophobic people who play on hatred and fear. I am going to change topics and talk about Daleks.

I am a huge Dr. Who fan. Still David Tennent as the tenth, I guess now the eleventh doctor. And I willu be there to see the thirteenth Doctor team up with the first Doctor. And I will Cry when Robert Capaldi’s Doctor regenerates, I will cry. The Doctor Who Christmas Special has become a yearly ritual.

But in 1964 a year after Dr. Who premiered, the pop band the Go Go’s came up with I’m Gonna Spend My Christmas With a Dalek. It’s a pop song where a couple of teenage girls and a Dalek sing about how happy they are celebrating Christmas.

These are some of the lyrics.

I’m gonna spend my Christmas with a Dalek

and hug him underneath the mistletoe

and if he’s very nice

I’ll feed him sugar spice

and hang a Christmas stocking from his big red toe

And when we both get up on Christmas morning

I’ll kiss him on his chromium plated head

and take him in to say hi to Mum

and frighten Daddy out of his bed

Now everyone knows that the Daleks are genocidal robot monsters created by genocidal mad man Davros of the Planet Skarro. Although this was eleven years since the great Tom Baker’s Genesis of the Daleks. (Yes I am a nerd.) Even during the first Doctor’s time the Dalek’s were monsters.

They wouldn’t want to eat more pudding, they would want to turn the whole family into pudding. But still this song is catchy and I like it. It makes no sense unless this Dalek has a major malfunction.

Also truthfully, the Cybermen scare me more than the Daleks and the Weeping Angels scare me even more. Blink terrified me. But you know what they don’t scare me as much as what our president could do.

Now is 11/9/2016 a fixed point in time? Or could Dr.Who and her, yes her, next companion go back in time and prevent it?

A cute video of I’m Gonna Spend My Christmas With a Dalek

Two years later: a story of Advent and anxiety

This has been a tough year for me. It’s been a tough two years for me, a tough two years for our nation, a tough two years for my faith.

Two years ago, I was the drama coach for my church’s children’s Christmas pageant. I started having panic attacks and one Sunday, I actually fled the rehearsal and ran up in a corner and crawled in the fetal position. I have suffered anxiety before, I have struggled with it since I was a boy. But this was different. This was a complete feeling of helplessness.

While getting the kids ready Christmas Eve 2015, I realized what it was. The election was beginning to take off. The rise of Donald Trump was just beginning. The hate and fear I felt in the air started to overwhelm me. I also started to get physically sick. I realized that I was dreading the type of world these children were going to be soon thrusted into.

That night I made my first activist plea, I wrote churches and politicians in Iowa begging them not to vote for Cruz or Trump. Cruz was my biggest fear back then, even I didn’t think at that time that Trump would win the nomination and then the presidency.

I then proceeded to write churches and newspapers in New Hampshire, South Carolina, all the way to Wisconsin’s own primary. I had a near nervous breakdown in April after the primary. I made the mistake of going to see Ted Cruz be interviewed by Meghan Kelly. I had to leave lest I do or say something that would embarrass my father. I did however have my Bible and I read scripture outside of the Masonic Hall in Madison WI. That was one of the first times I read scripture out loud in public.

That Spring I started making videos about Franklin Graham. I called his association. I wanted to appeal to his Christianity and his humanity to speak out against Trump. A man who represented everything that is anti Christ. Greed, lust, power, pride.

I almost got up and spoke while he was speaking but one of his people got to me and said that my concerns were valid but that wasn’t the place. I wish I did speak up that summer day.

I started this blog. All summer I wrote letters to newspapers trying to get someone to see the danger that Trump posed. I spoke at the Capital. I felt like a voice in a vast wilderness. I only got one letter in the local newspaper before the election. I prayed for Kasich to run as an independent.

All the while my anxiety grew. A feeling of learned helplessness grew inside me. I went from thinking I had the gift of prophecy one minute and feeling like God was stringing me along the next.

The Access Hollywood tape came out and I like others were sure would smack some sense into the “evangelicals” but no their hatred and fear of Hillary made them pick a Manasseh over a Jezebel.

Trump won, he was inaugurated. He lied a boastful lie about the attendance at his inauguration. And that was just the first in one of many lies. I spoke at the Capital that week as I have other times since. I still was trying to reach Franklin Graham. I tried to put together rallies that were flops. I donated some money to Franklin Graham with Galatians 5 attached. You can read about that in an earlier blog.

The fundamentalist Christians have just doubled down on their support of Trump. Knowing that if Hillary was elected and half of the stuff about Russia that came out happened with a president Clinton, they would be calling for impeachment.

He praised the Klan after a protest that lead to a young woman’s death. No there are no good people who stand with people who yell out “Jews will not replace us.”

It just gets worse and worse and I get overwhelmed. Two years later and I feel the exact same way. Sometimes I feel like I have a calling to be a new Martin Luther or Dietrich Bonhoeffer and other times I think the only thing I have in common with Martin Luther is digestive issues.

So I got an e-mail from WordPress saying that my plan is almost up and wondering should I continue? I think what’s the point. Nobody reads reads this or watched my videos.and I get into self pity that becomes laziness and depression.

But I still believe in God. I still believe in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. I still believe that I have a calling and I am 85% convinced that Trump is the anti-Christ. But what should I do, more of the same?

Maybe just write. They say to be a successful blogger you should write two or three times a week. I have a lot to say. And even if no one is reading, it gets this spiritual anxiety out of my head. I know it’s not about me. It’s about God. His will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

I just need the discipline and the discernment and the patience to do His work.

I do feel better. God Bless you all.

Does God listen to the religious right’s prayers after gun massacres?

Another mass shooting another round of right wing pastors and politicians talking about “thoughts and Prayers” and “it is too soon to do anything.” And this massacre is all the more painful because it occurred in a house of worship.

I am not going to talk much about the gunman here, his motives, the fact that he was a domestic abuser kicked out of the military and shouldn’t have had access to a gun that most people shouldn’t have access to. An A-15 semi-automatic. A gun made to kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time and a weapon that is putting millions and millions in the pockets of the gun manufacturing lobby.

But again, to the prayers. We should pray for the victims. We should pray for those who lost loved ones. We should even pray for the family of the shooter. I am a Christian and I believe in prayer and I have no doubt that the victims are in a better place, a place that I wish I was in right now.

But back to the Ted Cruzes, the Hans Fienes, and all the politicians and pastors who speak of thoughts and prayers and talk about how we are a Christian nation and condemn the wickedness of this world. Back to their prayers. I know this will be controversial but I don’t believe that God listens to their prayers and I have scripture as proof.

Isaiah 1:15

When you spread out your hands in prayer, I hide my eyes from you; even when you offer many prayers, I am not listening. Your hands are full of blood.

Just like ancient Israel. We are a wicked nation. We are a nation where our leaders are bribed by the National Rifle organization. An organization that used to be responsible until the extremists and the gun manufacturing lobby took over in 1977.

HOW MANY MORE. HOW MANY MORE MASSACRES. How many more children have to be sacrificed on the alter of the NRA.

Many children were killed, total families destroyed. Could a semi-automatic ban have prevented this, maybe. Maybe not. But that doesn’t mean we should do nothing .

Even if a ban would just save 50 people it would be worth it. 50 mothers, fathers, children, wives, husbands, etc that would not have to go through the agony of never being able to see their loved ones again.

We are Christians. We are commanded to love God with all our heart, soul and strength and love our neighbor as ourselves Matthew 22:36-40

How can we do this while we put a weapon above both God and the lives of our neighbor? And why do we do this? Out of some nebulous thing called freedom? We are a nation that is a slave to the NRA. We have no freedom but with Jesus. And He said “those who raise the sword shall die by the sword.”

The orphans and the widows of gun violence are crying out for a solution or at least for our leaders to do something instead of quoting the party line. Yet all we hear is “our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families”

Empty words without action. Your prayers are worse than saying nothing. Because you bring God info your hypocrisy. Your pockets are full of NRA bribes and your hands are full of blood, just like Isaiah said.

No other Christians in the world have a love affair with guns. Only in America this idolatry reigns. It sickens me. You may ask who is Hans Fiene? He is a pastor and writer for the Federalist who wrote an article about God and the shooting and how prayers are answered.

My next blog will be taking his article apart.

It is not easy to be a Christian. We have atheists who attack us as heartless hypocrites and we have heartless hypocrites who prove them right. Thankfully we have true Christians who speak up against those who take bribes and search after gifts.

If I was alone I would beg Jesus to take me now, but no, there is work to do. We must speak up for those who can not because they were killed.

The Ex Agnostic and the Actor: a film starring Kevin Sorbo

I have an idea for a movie. It is about a lapsed Catholic who left the church because of the sex scandal. A man who suffered from severe anxiety and depression. A man who considered himself a loser who hated himself and the world.

A man who would not come to Christ because he saw a hypocritical church. A church that cared more about money and politics than anything else. But during the 2008 election, he saw Sarah Palin. He thought how can there be a good God who would allow so many people to support tax cuts for the wealthy, and mock the working poor, and support unjust unpayed Wars etc.

He writes 10 of the top evangelical Leaders asking them how they can support politics that go against scripture. But then a minister from the Saddleback Church contacts him and this man realizes that he was not angry at God but at man. And he prays and God leads Him to a Christ centered church. He sees a Pastor talking about how you could be evangelical or social justice based but you are serving God. That only through Christ we can have healing both individual and societal.

The film’s hero became born again. He felt the Holy Spirit overcome him and he became a follow of the one living Christ. But he realized that he almost gave up an opportunity to know God because of the wickedness of hypocritical men. And how these wicked men block people from the Kingdom of Heaven and make these converts twice the children of Hell as they are.

So he tries to bring atheists to the faith and to bring these lost apostates back to Jesus. He watched a great movie called What If? One of the best movies he has ever seen. A movie staring Kevin Sorbo of Hercules fame. An actor that this man enjoyed since he first saw him as a suspected stalker on an episode oThe Commish and as a nerdy computer programmer on an episode of Murder She Wrote.

It is A great movie about a Trump like businessman who is greedy but due to a miracle wakes up married to his high school sweetheart with kids and a pastor of a small church. By the end of the film this lost soul is a born again believer.

Our hero’s faith is as strong as ever. So he decides to seek out the actor on social media and finds out that the actor is just like all the politicians and religious leaders that kept him blocked from God. At the same time, he is hanging out with some of his friends who happen to still be atheists who hate Christianity for the very same reasons that this man did and they make fun of stupid movies. They watch a terrible movie about FDR attacking Japanese and German werwolves. A movie that has FDR saying “Does my cock still work?” And has his secretary licking condiments off of FDR’s polio paralyzed legs. And while this man is watching this horrid piece of drek, he sees the actor, the star of What If? Playing a stoned Abraham Lincoln in a dream sequence where FDR is stoned.

This insenses our main character so he makes a YouTube video directed to Kevin Sorbo. This is in fall of 2014.

In 2015 a wicked man runs for president, a man who starts his presidency with a slanderous attack against Mexicans. The election gets worse and worse. His fellow Christians couldn’t vote for this man could he? We have Kasich, a decent man running against a wicked woman. They would support him right? Kevin Sorbo wouldn’t support Trump? A man who attacked a POW, a man whose all campaign was based on fear and hatred.

But somehow neither the son of a president nor John Kasich, the candidate this hero of the film voted for got the nomination but a wicked man who stands for everything that Jesus stood against. So our hero makes another video entitled “Kevin Sorbo: Be a Hero Of Faith” in September of 2016

And in October of 2016 a tape comes out with the wicked man bragging about him chasing after a married woman and talking about “grabbing them by the pussy”.

Even with a wicked woman running, they wouldn’t vote for him would they? This Actor. This man with a film that says “God’s Not Dead” would not support a man such as Trump could he? Trump is pre saved Ben Walker on steroids, at least Ben Walker never grabbed women’s genitalia in the movie.

But Trump did win. And this actor continued to support this president. He continued to promote atheistic economic policies. He continued to practice this twisted nationalistic Christianity and every post broke our hero’s heart. The election and the aftermath almost was enough to make this man lose his faith. But even a thread of faith in Jesus Christ is stronger that Damascus Steel. So he continues to make videos and blogs opposing the religious right. A crusade to bring Franklin Graham and Kevin Sorbo back to the light.

He posts one more video in March of this year.

So this man continue to try to communicate with this actor via Facebook and Twitter trying to get him to fight for Christ instead of for the opposite of Christ. All the while being attacked by his followers.

How will this movie end? Will the actor realize the error and admit and speak out against the lies and to be an inspiration to agnostics and atheists like the film’s protagonist was? Will Kevin Sorbo use his prophetic voice for good? Will he help bring both the atheists and the apostates back to Christ or will he be just like any other false prophet?

I am praying for the former because I am a Christian and I believe in miracles and happy endings.

So “God’s Not Dead”, “What If?”, and “Let There Be Light” how bout “The Ex Agnostic and the Actor for your latest production? It would be an honor to work with you to show the world that GOD IS NOT DEAD. It will be an honor to show the world WHAT IF? We fight for justice and become the City on the Hill again what will God do with us? And then in this nation full of darkness. A nation where a president symbolizes hate, fear, and lies. We can start a revival to rival the 2nd great awakening and then LET THERE BE LIGHT

Let’s do it Kevin Sorbo. Let’s make a feel good movie.

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